19' Glastron

  Capacity: 8 persons / 1275 lbs190 HP I/0

  Amenities: stereo, NO bimini, ski/tube package available

ski/kneeboard/tube package available $35/4 hours, $50/8 hours
24' Aqua Patio

  Capacity: 11 persons / 1800 lbs     NEW 115 HP EFI outboard

  Amenities: stereo, bimini, anchor, fish finder, tubing allowed

add a 2 person tube $25/4 hours, $35/8 hours
24' Sun Tracker

  Capacity: 10 persons / 1650lbs75 HP EFI outboard

  Amenities: gas grill (new feature!), stereo, bimini, anchor

add a 2 person tube $30
21' Sun Tracker

  Capacity: 9 persons / 1500 lbs60 HP EFI outboard

  Amenities: stereo, bimini, anchor, tubing allowed (light groups)

add a 2 person tube $25/4 hours, $35/8 hours
18' Sun Catcher

  Capacity: 6 persons / 1000 lbsNEW 40 HP EFI outboard

  Amenities: stereo, bimini,trolling motor, live well, fish finder, fishing chairs (no bench seating).
This boat does NOT have a towable hitch - no tubing allowed!
16' Bass Tracker

  Capacity: 4 persons / 650 lbs60 HP EFI outboard

  Amenities: bimini, trolling motor, live well, fish finder
Sea Doo PWC

  Capacity: 3 persons / 450 lbs

Governed at 35-40MPH. Limited to 3 operators
regardless of group size.
QuestionDo I need a boating license to rent a boat? 
Answer: No.  An exception is made with a rental or lease agreement from a motorboat rental or leasing business (Claytor Lake Water Sports) and completion of a dockside safety checklist.
We go  over a dockside safety checklist with you and you get a temporary license for the duration of your rental.
We encourage all people to take a boating safety class and offer a 5% discount off your rental with proof of having passed this course! Click me to view class schedules!

Alcohol is Strictly Prohibited on All Rental Craft.

Please note that our liability insurance coverage does not extend to you, the renter.

  Operator Must be 21 Years Old with a Valid Driver's License. (motorized craft only)
  All drivers (maximum 3 per watercraft) must be present at time of rental for dockside orientation... no exceptions. This is state law and each driver will be given a temporary operator's license.
  Capacity per boat is MAXIMUM CAPACITY and does include children and persons that may be on a towable. No exceptions.

  Fuel is Additional to Rental Fees. Be aware that ski boats are higher performance and use an average of 4 to 6 gallons per hour.
  Pontoon boats typically average 1 to 3 gallons per hour.
  A credit or debit card may be required to purchase fuel during the months outside of June, July and August.

  Four (4) hour rental times are either from 9:00am to 1:00pm, or 2:00pm to 6:00pm, unless otherwise specified. Please arrive 1/2 hour early to complete paperwork and dockside orientation.
  Motorized boat rentals for walk-ins stop at 3:30 pm.
  All Rentals are Due Back no later than 6:00 pm, unless rented multiple days.
  An Extra 20% is Charged for 24-Hour Rentals (2:00pm to 1:00pm or 6:30pm to 6pm only). Night time use is not allowed.
  Reservations accepted with a 50% deposit of check, cash, or Visa/Mastercard/Discover. (only in state checks accepted)

  Cancellations must occur at least 24 hours from the start of rental to avoid losing a 50% deposit and at least 5 days from start of rental to avoid losing a 10% deposit.
  However, if AT THE TIME OF your rental (poor forecasts not considered) the weather is such that the average boater would not go out, we will not charge a fee.
  PLEASE NOTE that cool, overcast  days are not sufficient reason to cancel without being charged. Please do not reserve if this is an issue.
  If you make a reservation more than 30 days in advance please call within a week of your rental to confirm.
Prices do not reflect a
5.3% Virginia Sales & Use Tax.
4 hour rate: $160
8 hour rate: $240
4 hour rate: $80
8 hour rate: $125
4 hours:  $140
8 hour rate:  $215
4 hour rate: $160
8 hour rate: $240
10:30am-4:30pm $190
5:00pm-9:30am $150  NO nightime use allowed
4 hour rate: $140
8 hour rate: $215
4 hour rate: $120
8 hour rate: $185
Towables are NOT allowed!
18' Sea Pro

  Capacity: 6 persons / 750 lbsNEW 90 HP EFI outboard

  Amenities: bimini, live well, fish finder, fishing pole holders

ski/kneeboard/tube package available $35/4 hours, $50/8 hours
4 hour rate: $140
8 hour rate: $215
30' x 14'  "Inspiration"

  Capacity: 16 persons / 3000 lbs90 HP EFI outboard

  Amenities: 12'x14' top, sliding board, diving board, depth gauge, gas grill (bring your own grilling utensils), bathroom w/ porta-pottie, 5 zero gravity lawn chairs, sterio, custom seating, 2 stand-up paddle boards! GREAT FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES!
9am-noon $185
1pm-5pm $250
9am-5pm $375
Hunter 185 "Good to Go"

  Capacity: 6 persons / 1100 lbs5 HP auxiliary outboard
full complement of sails

    full day rate: $2003+ consecutive days:10% off
6+ consecutive days:20% off

  Amenities: spacious cabin with porta-pottie, stereo, cooler

Renter must have sailing experience.
A prequalification checkout sail is required and includes up to 1 hour of orientation at which time the renter must prove capable of handling this vessel. If renter fails to prove minimum capability they will be refunded all but $50 fee.
*Note: this craft may be used as a motorized vessel should renter not wish to use the sails. Top speed is around 10mph and a tank of gas should last 8 hours.
10:00-12:30 & 2:30-5:00 is best time to call